People who were touched and inspired while working, living and traveling in Africa, formed the Global Sojourns Giving Circle (GSGC) in 2007. Their goal: to act responsibly and sustainably, on a larger scale. Since then, GSGC has identified and focused on one critical issue—educating, empowering and nurturing children, primarily girls—where a small number of dollars can make meaningful impact.
GSGC gives support to children by actively partnering with some of the most innovative social entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa.
In our giving circle, members have the opportunity to be involved and work together. We transform ourselves by learning about philanthropy and the communities we serve. And we share certain values.
As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, GSGC directs 100% of donations to support the work in the field.



Relationships and Partnerships

We believe in partnerships and teamwork with mutual respect for growth and development. In all relationships between donors, volunteers, partners and communities.


We believe integrity and honesty with our partners and donors is essential for success.


We uphold high standards of ethics and accountability to our donors, partners and project beneficiaries.


We provide a safe and secure environment for our activities, ensuring confidentiality and respect.

Community ownership and leadership

We believe that sustainable development can only be achieved with community ownership and leadership.


We (partners, administrators, donors) are always learning, and we are willing to make changes based on new insights.



We offer longer-term (5-10 year) support to already-existing organizations, and listen carefully to our passionate, knowledgeable partners.

We think it’s okay to take risks and try new ideas. If things aren’t perfect the first time, we work with our partners to come up with an even better idea.

We will provide funding for overhead. Partner organizations must stay strong to provide highly effective programs.

We stretch limited resources as far as possible by helping GSGC grantees and similar organizations to share best practices.

GSGC members are encouraged to connect with each other and our projects, learn about African culture and become more empowered philanthropists.