Standing Tall

Tipe has been the youngest girl being served by Global Sojourns Giving Circle. Like so many girls in Africa, Tipe has had a rough childhood.

When she first began attending Wayi Wayi Girls Club in Zambia, Auntie Agnes Buya Yombwe’s art-focused club, Tipe was only about 8 years old. She was a shy child who struggled to make eye contact. Her gaze was always down. She was the quiet one. For years, none of us had heard her voice.

But she came to Wayi Wayi consistently, once a week. Slowly, changes emerged.

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Now, at age 11, Tipe recently stood up in front of the girls at the club. She spoke up, and in a clear, strong voice, she read the lyrics to a nursery rhyme. She was beaming.

Tipe exemplifies so many of the goals of the Global Sojourns Giving Circle. She looks people in the eye now. She can read and speak English. She smiles. She stands up straight.

Now a confident child who can speak up for herself, Tipe is headed in the right direction. Thank you for helping her realize greater possibilities.