Auntie’s Giving Circle work inspires


Gloria Mubita, known as Auntie Gloria at Believe Club in Zambia, earned her certificate in psycho-social counseling in April.

"Before taking the course, I was just doing my best to help the girls but I had very limited knowledge about counseling,” Gloria said.

“The counseling course has helped me reach out to the girls more effectively in their time of need."

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Gloria became Auntie to the girls because of her love for her community. Since she became involved, 80 percent of girls who've passed through the club have been accepted into tertiary educational institutions − a tremendous success! Fewer than 1 percent of children in the area get more than a high school education.

Her club’s success story doesn't end there. Gloria has seen quite a number of her girls give back to their communities by volunteering in various humanitarian organizations.

And Gloria remains persistent. She managed to establish two more GS Giving Circle girls clubs in Livingstone to meet the increased demand from the community. An alumnae has taken a similar training and assumed responsibility for another club, working to help the girls in their time of need.

With every dollar, we can give girls choices. With your help, and an Auntie's mentorship, these girls can take a better path – one of dignity, economic stability and greater opportunities.