It was a family affair

One determined family can truly accomplish miracles! Dr. Donna Raison-Waters offered to travel to Africa to lead an Auntie Summit, so GSGC challenged her to raise the funds necessary to cover the full cost of the event. Donna’s family – who had visited Africa together, and been touched by GSGC’s work – jumped into action.

  • Donna and her husband Jay reached out to their social media network, and also hosted a fundraising brunch for friends at their home.
  • Jay’s sister, Beth Rasin, celebrated her 60th birthday with a request for GSGC donations instead of gifts.
  • Niece Briana Hunter photographed riders at a horse stable that she frequents, and donated all payments. Plus, she hosted a gaming night for GSGC.

GSGC is grateful that the family collected dozens of donations, many from $50-200, and raised $2,195 to almost cover the Auntie’s meals, accommodations, transportation, and miscellaneous costs. If you’d like to help with the small balance that remains, donate here!