Gender Equality Workshops are a Huge Hit

Believe Journal

Your dollars were well spent last month when two charismatic, handsome young men from Victoria Falls took the girls’ empowerment message to boys and girls, and adult men and women in Zambia. Nyika Muyambo and Prince Nkosana Dube (Smokey) led various Read More

A Passion for Preschool

Believe Journal

by Sarah Blackwelder Williams When GSGC member Sarah Williams visited Tusa Munyundi preschool, she met two of our outstanding girls. Both received scholarships through GSGC and are now teaching preschool for the second year! Sarah shares their Read More

Expanding our Work with Boys and Men


by Judy Althaus “I have discovered that the mind of everyone is ready to change. Change is inevitable, you cannot stop it." -  Nyika Muyambo Nyika is a rare man in Zimbabwe.  At GSGC’s Partner Summit last May, other participants were Read More

I Have Been to the Summit and the View is Stunning

Al Larson

by Al Larsen I’m going to save the world. Well, no. I have more self-awareness and humility than to think that. But, as a newer member of the GSGC board or directors, I do have good intentions, relevant skills and understand some of the challenges Read More

GSGC Partner’s Summit – May 15-17, 2014

Summit 2014

GSGC hosted a well-received conference in Zambia this May. The “Believe Summit” included at least one representative from each of our partner organizations, along with several potential partners. All 17 sat down with five GSGC leaders to discuss best Read More

The Girl Who Never Smiled … by Paige Hasson

Mary receives visitors at the family’s tidy homestead

“Mary never, ever smiled,” said her Global Sojourns Giving Circle (GSGC) mentor. Mary isn’t the girl’s real name; we’ll protect her privacy because this story begins with heartbreak. But please read on! With your support, Mary’s future took quite a Read More

I had no idea!

Tutalike Preschool

This young girl in southern Africa is on her way. She’s going to school, and we know that if she stays in school and completes her education, she has a fighting chance to break a cycle of poverty. She has a chance for a brighter future. Now Read More

Meet Sima- GSGC Partner in Victoria Falls

Sima and Our Partners in the Field

At GSGC empowerment workshops, abused and impoverished girls realize that they are not alone and not at fault.  Some cry, and then laugh with new friends as they begin to heal – together. Sima Khumalo Moyo, our partner at Rose of Charity in Read More