Briana’s Project

After visiting GSGC projects, Briana is calling on her friends to donate in honor of the women at the core of our work. Help cover the cost for girl club leaders or “Aunties”, to attend an educational gathering.

A Heart for Girls.  A Heart for Africa.

 I am honored to partner with Global Sojourns Giving Circle in their mission to empower and educate girls in Southern Africa.” Briana

Dr. Donna Rasin-Waters, my aunt, a psychologist and one of the most generous people I know, will be traveling to Zimbabwe to lead a summit designed to help the volunteer “Aunties” reach and empower the girls in their care. Many of these girls have experienced trauma in their lives and need a safe place and a caring adult to help them regain their strength and the confidence to find their voice again.

The annual “Auntie Summit” was developed to help change lives one girl at a time.

“Please join me in helping the aunties create clubs for strong girls to become future leaders.”

 – Dr. Donna Rasin-Waters

Donate in honor of the upcoming “Auntie Summit”