A Trip Full of Life Lessons and Firsts!

24452548599_a1a5150c58_z-copySeven girls from the GSU club and their Aunty Gloria traveled from Livingstone, Zambia to Lusaka, the capital, to explore new career possibilities. It was a week of firsts for the girls; the first trip away from home, the first time in a big city and the first visit to a university.

Through GSGC, the girls met many amazing and successful women who showed them they can achieve their dreams. Three of the girls (we’ll call them E, S and B) shared a few of the following experiences:

Janet is an artist who makes necklaces and bracelets.

B: I learned you can use your talent to earn money. Janet motivated me, as she uses tonga material and beads. Those supplies aren’t expensive. One can buy it and make something.

E: Janet inspired me. It’s not necessary to become a doctor or nurse or lawyer to earn a living to become somebody in life. But you have to use your talents to earn a living. Doing something you love matters the most, and doing it with all of your heart.

Miranda is a motivational speaker from Corporate Woman’s Network.

E: We used to think that women are just there and lazy at home. Miranda is running her own thing and encouraging woman to move on in life. She motivated me to say “Yes, I am where I am, but I can dream to be like her.” There was a moment when things were hard in her life, but she never backed down. She forged ahead and achieved what she wanted. That fighting spirit caught me.

Dr. Momba told the girls her personal story and how she achieved her goals.

S: Dr. Momba encouraged us to never give up, no matter how hard it may seem. Always push through with your efforts. People say “You can make it in life” but they don’t tell you how. Dr. Momba said through entrepreneurship you learn to do a few things and can generate an income.

The trip inspired the girls to continue to learn, to dream of bright futures, and to work hard to attain them.

S: I am not giving up on anything because of my home and friends. I will stick to my dreams and put in effort. My thinking has changed; I have moved steps ahead now. I know I can go to university and do my courses and get a nice job.

B: Before the trip I thought my grade was just that. When I completed it, that was the end. Now I feel more confident to follow my dream and be what I want. I was motivated and inspired. My dream is to be good in medicine. I bet I can make it now more than ever.

E: The trip taught me that everything people do isn’t because they are trying to get money; it is their passion. It encouraged me to think about what I love doing. Who knows, maybe that is where my destiny lies. Maybe I will be a singer, a lawyer, a journalist. Fight hard and work hard. Never forsake your talents.

Through the support of GSGC, the club plans to make opportunities such as this amazing trip available to more girls.