The Tusa Munyandi Preschool

This is the entrance to the Preschool in Livingstone at Tusa Munyandi where we are bringing supplies and learning materials from Portland Jewish Academy and Faith Lutheran Preschool.  We have been working with the teachers and approximately 40 students there.



This is a photo of inside the classroom. Imagine trying to get all of the children in here! They do, and manage quite well. The children have school uniforms.



Most of the time they use their ‘outside’ classroom for lessons.  Yvonne is reading from one of the books she brought to donate to the school.  Notice all of the cups ready for the children!  The children love to hear the stories and see the pictures.  They are so eager to learn!



Some of the children are waiting to use the bathroom.  They have taken care to emphasize sanitation and health in their curriculum!  They learn to use the toilet and wash their hands often.


This is the new building and playground. The children begin each day inside the room where you see the open door (The doorway with the curtain is a residence).  It is quite a challenge to get 40 some children in there.  The children range from 3-5 years of age and because of illness (malaria, worms, bronchial issues) you never have all 40 children there at once.


Here you can see one of the students learning math/counting skills with some of the handmade materials created by the Portland Jewish Academy and Faith Lutheran Preschool students and teachers.



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