Paige’s Visit to Rachel’s School- A Highlight of Her Trip to Africa

One of the highlights of my visit to Livingstone was a special visit with Rachel.  She has been a friend to GSGC since our memorable outing almost three years ago to Victoria Falls.  GSGC members accompanied around 40 of the vulnerable/orphaned children from our local partner Tusa Munyandi on a ‘field trip’ to the falls.  Rachel has remained connected to us and Priscilla always takes time to check on her each time she is in the area.

As you can imagine life has been full of challenges for Rachel and her family.  She is one of seven children being raised in a household by two aunties.  Her father and mother died soon after she was born.  Her auntie, Eneless, volunteers in the new Tusa Munyandi Preschool. Rachel is 12 years old, in grade 7 and continues to do well in school, dreaming of a brighter future.

I was able to arrange a visit to Rachel’s school in Dambwa thanks to our GSGC partner, Agnes, where I could see first-hand the conditions and meet her teachers.

  • The school is overcrowded,often 40-50 students per class
  • School supplies and materials are always in short supply
  • Teachers receive little compensation and often miss class
  • However, positive social messages are posted all around the school

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